Zion Tribe

Cultivating friendship. Living with purpose. Walking in freedom.

What's the Zion Tribe?

The Zion Tribe is a membership that connects you with other women online and in your own city who will encourage you, pray for you, and point you toward Jesus! 
We love intentional friendships, traveling, and the truth of God's Word! You are not designed to live this life and walk in your faith journey alone. You are designed to be in a community with healthy relationships, so you can thrive!
Join us! Let's start journeying together.

Inside the Zion Tribe

🌄 Monthly tribe meetups

🌄 Weekly prayer calls

🌄 Bible studies

🌄 Guest speaker events

🌄 The ability to meet Zion tribe members in your city

🌄 Resources to help you grow your faith

🌄 A community filled with kindness and honor

Who's it for?

Calling all Jesus-loving adventurers!

This is for any girl or woman who wants authentic friendship, a deeper understanding of Biblical truth and to walk in the freedom Jesus purchased for you!

After being mentored by a pastor of over 35 years, Carrissa knows how important it is firsthand to have all generations in the body of Christ. So, if you're 19, 31, or 52 years old, we want you part of our community.